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      Nowadays, media advertising news video content can be seen everywhere in LED display and LED subtitles machine released. The LED screen is used as a new media to promote the technique become a new force of advertising and media industry. Advertising media business also gradually understanding and recognition of the LED display the new advertising techniques, which can complete the information product cross media, multi station communication, digital readers in more diverse information experience. In the coexistence of advertising media's face and LED display itself advantage, LED display media advertising has been more and more important in advertising and media industry. Metro LED screen high-definition, high brightness, bright color, the main distinctive, novel design, with vivid, simple and lively, can complete the characteristic graphic audio-visual synchronous broadcasting. Advertising image prominent, easy to attract people's attention, and easy to remember. In addition, LED display advertising is inadvertently give the audience a visual stimulus; and LED display advertising in general a longer duration of release, the cumulative effect of the impression caused by the regional performance.
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      Addr:ShangJun Road,New & Hi -tech Development One,Zibo,Shandong  Tel:0533-2605219    
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