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      Addr: ShangJun Road,New & Hi -tech Development One,Zibo,Shandong
      Tel: 0533-2605219
      Fax: 0533-2605219
      E-mail: regal616@163.com
      Website: http://www.marfucci.com
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      We are Regal

      As a leading specialist of ceramic mould and machinery manufacturing, Regal has been in this field over 20 years since the 1996s.

      We have been constantly serving over 70 domestic constomers, with a yearly capacity of 400 sets of moulds and 10000 pieces of punch of various secifications, by our excellent team of engineers and technicians.

      Till now, our products have been sold to many places worldwide, for example:Pakistan, North Korea, Vietnam and Southeast Asia, etc.

      Our facility is located in the second largest ceramic city-ZiBo, and we warmly look forward to a visit by our honored friends from all over the world.

      We are, and will always, offer our esteemed customers with perfect producs and service at fairly competitive price.

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      Addr:ShangJun Road,New & Hi -tech Development One,Zibo,Shandong  Tel:0533-2605219    
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